Creating a Communications Plan

Writing a communication plan that works is one of the most difficult parts of serving as a strategic communication professional. When creating a communications plan, it is important to include measurable objectives.

You can't improve operations/services or measure results or effectiveness without measurement included. Here are some examples of measurable objectives:

    • Goal (lofty): To increase citizen engagement and satisfaction with a new county recycling program.
    • Objective (measureable): To increase the percentage of citizens who participate in the weekly recycling program from 30 percent to 50 percent by January 2014.
    • Objective (measureable): To increase the number of tours and open houses at the new recycling center, from two monthly to four monthly by June 2014.
    • Objective (measureable): To form three neighborhood recyling advisory boards by Januargy 2014, each which will include citizens from these key demographics (teens, elderly, young families, neighborhood opinion leaders).
    • Objective (measureable): To establish a baseline satisfaction rating from citizens by December 2013 through a survey, that may be used in future benchmarking of satisfaction for 2014 and 2015.

After listing your goals and objectives, you would list strategies and tactics.


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