Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with NACIO.

Board of Directors: The President appoints a Board of Directors consisting of four Region directors and up to three at-large directors. Appointments are for two-year terms and run concurrently with the term of the president.

NACo workshops: At each NACo Annual Conference (held in July) and Legislative Conference (held in March), NACIO members submit workshop ideas to be considered. The NACIO workshops are always among the highest-rated and best-attended workshops at the NACo conferences. If you have ideas for workshops that would be of value to elected county officials, please stay tuned to this website and submit your ideas when solicited.

NCGM Awards judge: Each May, NACIO board members serve as judges for the National County Government Month awards competition sponsored by NACo. The awards program recognizes the counties that put on the best NCGM activities. Programs will be judged on citizen participation, involvement of elected officials, how the program educates citizens about county services, utilization of existing resources, amount of positive media coverage generated by the event(s), and how the program was promoted by the county (i.e. press releases, social media, utility mailers, etc). Counties will be recognized in three categories – rural counties (population less than 100,000); suburban (population between 100,000 and 500,000) and metropolitan (population above 500,000) during the NACo Annual Conference.

Hosting NACIO Awards competition: For more than three decades, NACIO’s annual Awards of Excellence program has recognized the best works of county public information officers and state association of counties communications staff. In addition to recognizing “Best of Class” and “Best of Show” winners, the competition honors a variety of communications projects that include public relations campaigns, brochures and publications, articles and press releases, videos and Internet/electronic innovations. One volunteer is needed each year to chair the awards competition. if you are interested in chairing a future competition, please contact NACIO President Larry Liddell.