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Posted by Tristan Wednesday, August 23, 2017 10:23:00 PM

Here is the full list of 2017 NACIO Awards of Excellence winners:

Annual Reports

BEST IN CLASS: Come fly with us: LA County’s Annual Report

  • Superior:
    • Come fly with us: L.A. County's Annual Report, Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Joel Sappell
    • Dollars & Sense, St. Lucie County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Joseph Abreu
    • Henrico County Annual Report Fiscal Year 2015-16, Henrico County, Virginia, Will Jones
    • State of the Parish 2016, St. James Parish, Brandon Keller
  • Excellence:
    • 2015 Forsyth County Annual Report, Forsyth County, Georgia, Sarah Dunlap
    • Cherokee County Marshal's Office 2016 Annual Report, Cherokee County, Georgia, Jo-Ann Faverey
    • Forsyth County Fire Department 2015 Annual Report, Forsyth County, Georgia, Sarah Dunlap
  • Meritorious:
    • Broward County Communitywide Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2011-2014, Broward County, Florida, Broward EPCRD
    • The Broward Municipal Services District (BMSD)’s December 2015 and the June 2016 Semi-Annual Reports, Broward County, Florida, Josie P. Sesodia


Brochures, Multi-page booklets

BEST IN CLASS: The Good, the Bad and the Exotic Plants in Broward County

  • One-page brochure (bi or tri-fold)
    • Superior:
      • The Good, the Bad and the Exotic Plants in Broward County, Broward County, Florida, Broward EPCRD
    • Excellence:
      • The Big Read - The Namesake Brochure, Broward County, Florida, Catherine McElrath
      • Media Night Program, St. Charles Parish, Tristan Babin
    • Meritorious:
      • Emergency Checklist, Broward County, Florida, Richard Barrick
  • Multiple page booklets
    • Superior:
      • WilCo Expo Grand Opening Brochure, Williamson County, Texas, Connie Watson
    • Excellence:
      • Watershed Coloring Book, Henrico County, Virginia, Isaac Harrell




  • Internal publication
    • Superior:
      • Outlook, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Rebecca Carter
    • Excellence:
      • New Courthouse Reference Guide, Broward County, Florida, Richard Barrick
  • External publication
    • Superior:
      • Broward County Libraries' WoW Update Newsletter, Broward County, Florida, Catherine McElrath
    • Excellence:
      • Community Update, Broward County, Florida, Richard Barrick
      • NatureScape Map Series, Broward County, Florida, Broward EPCRD
      • County Lines Magazine entry, Association of Arkansas Counties, Christy Smith
    • Meritorious:
      • Cultural Quarterly - Print Edition, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston



BEST IN CLASS: Appraisal Woes

  • News writing
    • Superior:
      • Arts Calendar Blog , Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
      • Mono County: Breaking Down Barriers, Building Relationships, California State Association of Counties, David Liebler
    • Excellence:
      • County Government 101, Texas Association of Counties, Elizabeth Carmack
    • Meritorious:
      • News writing: 1950s All-Electric House on the move, Johnson County, Kansas, Gerald Hay
  • Feature writing or columns
    • Superior:
      • Appraisal Woes, Texas Association of Counties, Joel Nihlean
      • SCPFeed Series, St. Charles Parish, Tristan Babin
    • Working in Tandem, Association of Arkansas Counties, Christy Smith
    • Moving FAST on Elder Abuse, Johnson County, Kansas, Gerald Hay
  • Excellence:
    • Feature writing/ 'Meet the Rices' and 'Boy Scout cleans up Potters Field', Clermont County, OH, Kathleen Williams
    • Making Taxation Equal and Uniform Again , Texas Association of Counties, Joel Nihlean
  • Meritorious:
    • Feature story: Families are made at the courthouse, Johnson County, Kansas, Gerald Hay
  • Speeches
    • Superior:
      • 2017 State of the County Address, Mecklenburg County, Christine Edwards
  • Excellence:
    • 2016 State of the County Address, Johnson County, Kansas, Gerald Hay
  • Meritorious:
    • 2016 State of the County Address , Summit County, Ohio, David Kish


Graphic Design

BEST IN CLASS: TAC Driving Simulator Vehicle Wraps

  • Logos, themes and letterheads
    • Superior:
      • CCAP Branding Project, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, Ken Kroski
    • Excellence:
      • Texas Association of Counties: ThinkUp Logo, Texas Association of Counties, Kristen Benavides
    • Meritorious:
      • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Broward Program, Broward County, Florida, Broward EPCRD
  • Graphics for brochures & publications
    • Superior:
      • ArtsEd Forever Brochure and Publicity
    • Excellence:
      • TAC County Elections Database Brochure , Texas Association of Counties, David Garcia
      • The Years of Kaechele, Henrico County, Virginia, Isaac Harrell
    • Meritorious:
      • Making Government Work for You Brochure, Summit County, Ohio, David Kish
  • Special graphics (including posters, t-shirts, etc.)
    • Superior:
      • TAC Driving Simulator Vehicle Wraps, Texas Association of Counties, David Garcia
    • Excellence:
      • 2015 Accomplishments, St. James Parish, Brandon Keller
      • Rainbow's End - Airport Terrazzo Unveiling Ceremony, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
    • Meritorious:
      • Informational Sea Turtle Signs, Broward County, Florida, Stephanie Kedzuf
      • ERP Motivational Slides, Broward County, Florida, Richard Barrick



BEST IN CLASS: Faces of democracy in action

  • Superior:  
    • Faces of democracy in action, Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Joel Sappell
    • Counterpoints Photography Project, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
  • Excellence:
    • Short Pump Park Opening, Henrico County, Virginia, Isaac Harrell
    • Sailfish Acsending Photograph, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
  • Meritorious:
    • Kissing Bugs Bite, Tarrant County, Texas, Kelly Hanes
    • A Virtual Reality Tour of the Harlem Renaissance, Broward County, Florida, Catherine McElrath
    • Gabriel's Rebellion-HCTV, Henrico County, Virginia, Isaac Harrell


Audio Visual

BEST IN CLASS: Charlotte County Can’t Stop the Feeling Parody Video

  • One time video programming
    • Superior:
      • Charlotte County Can’t Stop the Feeling Parody Video, Charlotte County, Florida, Elizabeth Billings
    • Excellence:
      • This Was Our Home, Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Joel Sappell
      • Voting in Iowa Video Series, Iowa Association of Counties, Rachel Bennett
  • Meritorious:
    • SCP Report It Promo, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, Tristan Babin
    • Meck County Does That?, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Rossana Seitter
    • Yuba County: 14Forward Temporary Housing for the Homeless, California State Association of Counties, David Liebler
    • Rescue at County Pool, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Rossana Seitter
  • Video series
    • Superior:
      • Tree Mortality: 29 Million and Counting, California State Association of Counties, David Liebler
    • Excellence:
      • You Can Learn from Your Foster Child, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Rossana Seitter
    • Meritorious:
      • Be Mosquito Free, Tarrant County, Texas, Kelly Hanes


Podcasts or audio programming: NONE SUBMITTED

Special Projects

BEST IN CLASS: Texas Counties Deliver public education campaign

  • Ceremonies or community events
    • Superior:
      • Cultural Marketplace Outdoor Event, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
      • Community Events: Johnson County Veterans Day Observance, Johnson County, Kansas, Gerald Hay
    • Excellence:
      • Storybook Festival, Broward County, Florida, Catherine McElrath
      • Little Readers Festival, St. Louis County, Missouri, Lauren Benson
    • Meritorious:
      • Palm Beach County Day, Palm Beach County, Florida, Heather Shirm
  • Public education campaign/event
    • Superior:
      • Texas Counties Deliver public education campaign , Texas Association of Counties, Elizabeth Carmack
      • Penny Surtax Campaign, Broward County, Florida, Richard Barrick
      • Recreation Millage Campaign, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, Tristan Babin
  • Excellence:
    • Counties Support ND Law Enforcement, North Dakota Association of Counties, Donnell Preskey Hushka
    • Fast Lane Public Education Campaign, Broward County, Catherine McElrath
    • NACo/NACIO Awards Ceremony, Broward County, Richard Barrick
  • Meritorious:
    • Yellow Dot Campaign, Broward County, Florida, Richard Barrick
    • Zap Zika Campaign, Broward County, Florida, Richard Barrick


Electronic Communications

BEST IN CLASS: Mecklenburg County Facebook

  • Websites
    • Superior:
      •, Palm Beach County, Florida, Heather Shirm
    • Excellence:
      •, Broward County, Florida, Broward EPCRD
    • Meritorious:
      • Broward County Transit MyRide Website, Broward County, Florida, Natalie Silverstein
  • Best Facebook page
    • Superior:
      • Mecklenburg County Facebook, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Nicole Nolen
      • Clermont County Facebook page, Clermont County, Ohio, Kathleen Williams
    • Excellence:
      • AAC Facebook page, Association of Arkansas Counties, Christy Smith
      • Johnson County KS  Government Facebook Page, Johnson County, Kansas, Amanda Keller
    • Meritorious:
      • Broward Arts Facebook Page, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
  • Best twitter feed
    • Superior:
      • Mecklenburg County Twitter, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Nicole Nolen
    • Excellence:
      • Johnson County, KS Government Twitter Feed, Johnson County, Kansas, Amanda Keller
    • Meritorious:
      • AAC Twitter Feed, Association of Arkansas Counties, Christy Smith
  • Email newsletter to citizens
    • Superior:
      • Broward Arts Monthly, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
    • Excellence:
      • Cultural Quarterly Online Edition, Broward Cultural Division, Broward County Florida, Andy Royston
    • Meritorious:
      • County Lines Alerts E-Newsletter, Association of Arkansas Counties, Christy Smith
      • Monthly email newsletter, Clermont County, OH, Kathleen Williams


Tom Goodman Best of Show Award:

  • Superior: Come fly with us: L.A. County's Annual Report